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We deliver tradition-making recipes and evidence-based activities that get diverse families growing, cooking and eating healthy, locally produced foods together.



When asked, most kids today think food comes from a store. Engendering a healthier generation requires reconnecting youth with how food is grown, and the various ways in which it is processed and purchased.


The reality is it is daunting to think of engaging kids in the kitchen after a busy day at work and then having to clean up afterwards! Yet, healthy, safe food preparation is a necessary lifelong healthy eating skill.


The table is heralded as the “the nursery of democracy,” bringing families together to share food, ideas and conversation. Parents need a realistic vision for family meals and tips to actively engage children around the table.

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If kids grow it, they will eat it.

Meet Michelle…

Mom on a Mission



Michelle is a mom on mission, a mission to make it easy to raise happy, healthy kids and help our farmers prosper.

For over 20 years Michelle has gotten her hands dirty on farms 4-4,000 acres in size, taught in school gardens, researched ways to make it easier to get local foods on our tables, and then advocated for policies that do just that.

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